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The price is reasonable and the performance is great. It is Yamaha CLP 465 Grand Piano the best digital piano 2013, giving out its sweet, melodious tunes for the music lovers, with great peace of mind .

You could find the market is flooded with a lengthy array of digital pianos at varying rates and in makes; they also include different types such as full-size Keyboards, first pianos, baby grand pianos and others. Guided by the criteria of cost, craftsmanship, look, size, use and functionality, our best rating goes to Yamaha –CLP 465 Grand Piano the most-liked and the best digital piano 2013 in today’s piano world.


The above choice is suitable for home, personal or professional use in a grand way. It’s attractive for all occasions and in all environs making it a universal preference.


Yamaha-CLP 465 Grand Piano is really a pleasure to play, considering its lovely and truthful tone. It has some unique technical specifications such as 88 –key graded hammer key-board, polyphony with max 128, amplifiers, speakers, USB and Flash Drive facilities, 50 preset songs, 2 record tracks, intelligent acoustic control, and different effects like reverb, chorus, DSP reverb and others. Its tone generation makes it unique in that it consists of Piano sound and piano effects coming as smooth release and damper resonance from RGE sound Engine.

Dimension and Weight: 

The Piano has width is 56 ¼”, depth 45⅛ “, and 36 ⅝ “weighing 216 lbs., 1oz.

Outweighing features:

The price of Yamaha –CLP- 465 grand digital piano is very reasonable at 3,699 pounds along with warranty. You can find that its slim, compact look with polished ebony finish and matching bench, and its clear grand voice make Yamaha CLP-465 Piano, the Best Digital Piano 2013 when compared to other brands and designs. You can’t resist this conclusion when you personally test these features.

More about this best digital Piano 2013

Being digital, clarity is very wholesome. It has Real Grand Expression sound engine known for delivering tunes very melodiously and in an attractive way. Playing half-pedal and deep resonances is made possible in this piano. Again, the 128-note polyphony enables playing notes fast without any slip or dropping.  Voices produced are also very much truthful as you would have aimed them to be. Intelligent acoustic control feature facilitates practice at lower voice-level also without sacrificing clarity.

Keyboard specialities:

It is called Authentic Graded Hammer 3 Keyboard which has 88 keys made of synthetic ivory key tops having natural grip and friction with fingers. This piano employs three-sensor system which has accuracy in sensing and interpreting your finger touches. Being fitted with key-board stabilizers and long handles, playing delicate notes has become easy for you by pressing both black and white keys simultaneously.


The unique features in this musical instrument Yamaha CLP-465 grand digital piano are making it very easy, simple and tempting to play it on all occasions. That will make the atmosphere enlivening. Recording and replaying process, two-track system, excellent volume adjustment, headphone sockets and control panel- all using touch -buttons make your playing on this is  a great pleasure and pride. We strongly recommend for you to purchase.  So why wait, lose no more time in clinching the deal and shipping it to your house.


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